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Adam Fenner, Managing Director of Skyline Wilshire Investment Partners will be a panelist at the 2013 Crittenden National Real Estate Conference - April 28th to 30th, 2013 at the Omni, San Diego.

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Skyline Wilshire Investment Partners on the appeal of US real estate to international institutional investors

From IPE Real Estate May/June 2012:  

“For some UK and European investors, even a year ago, the US was definitely intriguing; China was high on the list, and there was a comfort level in continental European investment,” says George Rogers. “Today, however, China is less attractive and may have peaked. With the ongoing dislocation in the euro-zone, the US is perceived as a relative safe haven, and the view is that the fundamentals are solid.”

Many European investors are looking for a closer relationship to their investments, according to Fenner. “We are at a time when European capital sources familiar with the commingled fund model also want access to the real estate operators on the ground, to have a closer relationship to the assets,” he says. 

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